The history of physical addiction gym & 244 kitchener road Stafford heights.

Welcome to a bit of history on 244 Kitchener Rd Stafford Heights (Physical Addiction Gym and Stafford Squash Centre)

Whilst we have not always been known as Physical Addiction Health and Fitness Centre, the building and Gyms under other names have been here since 1975!

After 5 prior tenants, the Owner himself (Fred Robins) finally decided to buy out the previous lessee in 2014 and make his 1.5 acres accessible to ALL Members and combine Memberships for Squash and Gym. He also offers Gym options for Families, Couples, Seniors, Juniors and Individuals. He also allows free entry to the pool to 1 child per 1 Paying Adult.

Finally Squash and Gym is owned by the One Person. No concern that your memberships are tied to a term of the owners Lease, that you are going to turn up to a gym one day and it has closed down or any other horror story you often hear about! We are here for YOU.

A lot of people believe the property we are on Is Council owned, it is not. The land is Fred’s and for this reason we can hold outside Bootcamps, Functions, Backyard Cricket on Australia Day etc. Fred takes great pride in ensuring it is mowed and ready for use by all of our members. You are even welcome to bring your dog down and throw a ball around the back yard (as we often do with Dash - the Squash Centre Dog).

Yes, bigger Gyms have opened in the area within the time of us being here but we plan on continuing for the next 40 years! Come and see why we have lasted this long :)

FRED ROBINS   Owner/Operator



JANETTE FRY   Gym Manager


Gym Manager

KYLIE PEARSON   Squash Manager


Squash Manager

Personal Training


Kinetics Correct

Matt Bushell - 0414 942 940

Corrective Exercise Rehab Support